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Find the perfect 2-person Hot Tub for You

The beauty of a 2-person hot tub by Jacuzzi® is that you can be just as comfortable as you are in a larger model. Even in a more compact version, you will undeniably enjoy the full benefits of our signature hydrotherapeutic massage.

At Jacuzzi, we offer 2-person spa models in three Collections:

• J-415™ seats 2-3 adults
• J-315™ seats 2-3 adults
• J-210™ seats 4 adults

Here are just some of the highlights of these distinctive models:

The J-415 belongs to the luxury j-400™ Collection, known for its distinctive design. This model’s lounge seating is practically a destination in itself, with jets for the back, legs, calves and feet, as well as an armrest and adjustable pillow headrest. With seating for three, the J-415 isn’t just a place for busy couples to relax, but it also appeals to small families and grandparents who enjoy visits from grandchildren.

The 2-person spa in the J-300™ Collection also seats 3 adults, but it is truly made with cozy couples in mind. Sit back in the side-by-side seats, each with its own pillow headrest and armrest. The J315 pampers you with a variety of massaging jets, and a waterfall. A hydrotherapy session can draw the two of you closer together, as it soothes away aches and pains and relieves stress.

The J-210™ round is a classic. You can’t top barrier-free seating when you want to spontaneously slide over and snuggle up next to your partner. The round model works great for small parties with individuals facing the center of making it easy to relax and converse. Plus, the J-210 can be used both indoors and out.

Ready to make yourself at home in a 2-person hot tub? Explore all the features of these three models by downloading a brochure to learn more.

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