4 Person

4-Person Hot Tub Models Have it All

Two couples, parents and their teenage kids, or four friends… a Jacuzzi® 4-person hot tub feels right for just about everyone. With more than enough space to relax and hydro-massage that eases stress and pain, our 4-person models offer unsurpassed function, design and hydrotherapy.

Patented Jets for Customized Hydrotherapy
The patented Jacuzzi jets set our 4-person model apart from the competition. PowerPro® jets provide targeted massage options to each individual. The FX10 Therapy Seat in the J-335™ spa is a good example of how jets and seating combine to deliver a professional-quality massage. The adjustable-stream FX jets allow you to choose the intensity and direction of the jet flow to create a customized hydro-massage experience.

Style and Energy Savings in the J-LXL™
It may be surprising to learn that a 4-person hot tub can include a full-body lounge, as well as seating for a fifth person. The J-LXL has a therapy lounge plus four barrier-free seats for easy movement around the spa. But its most distinctive feature is its contemporary design and energy-saving technology. The exterior cabinetry that extends to the top of the J-LXL provides exquisite aesthetics. Plus, this model costs less to operate than any other hot tub in its class.

Finding the Perfect Model
When it comes to finding the 4-person spa that is right for you, you can begin by downloading our complimentary brochure. With our brochure, you can easily compare the different collections, sizes, features, colors and options.

You can have it all in a Jacuzzi 4-person spa, luxury, energy-savings, waterfalls, LED lighting, and most importantly, an oasis to de-stress and entertain.

Discover the luxury that awaits you, download a free brochure today!

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