6 Person

6-Person Hot Tub Models for Families and Entertaining

Choosing a 6-person model from Jacuzzi can take some time. After all, you’ll find features you like in every model. But, regardless of whatever model you choose, you can be sure it will share our signature hydrotherapy and unsurpassed quality.

Jacuzzi combines heat, buoyancy, and massage – the three elements of hydrotherapy – in ways that relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit. Its therapeutic effects include increased blood circulation, reduced stress, and improved sleep.

Some additional benefits include:

• A 6-person hot tub draws families together, away from the distractions of phones, computers and TV.
• A large backyard tub can be the focal point when entertaining friends and hosting family events.
• A Jacuzzi is a natural at-home hydrotherapy center, the place where you go to ease muscle soreness after a workout or relieve the pain of arthritis.

Each of our 6-person spa models includes jets and seating designed exclusively for that particular model. The J-375™ features a PowerPro™ Therapy Seat as well as a Lounge Seat with massaging jets for the calves. The J-480™ also has a lounge, and a special seat where you can sit under the waterfall.

Quality Comes First at Jacuzzi
Because you want to enjoy your 6-person hot tub for years, we build each one according to strict manufacturing guidelines using premium materials.

Durable shells, cabinetry that stands up to the worst kinds of weather, well-engineered plumbing, jets and pumps, and energy-saving systems are built in. Your 6-person spa also comes with the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

Experience the Jacuzzi difference; download a brochure to learn more!

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