7 Person

7 Person Hot Tub

Jacuzzi® has responded to the demand for spacious spas with no fewer than five models that seat seven (or more!) people. From the 35-jet J-245™ model to the J-495™ with 62 jets, our 7-person hot tub selection covers a full spectrum of features, and a wide range of budgets.

The J-495 proudly takes top honors in the luxury spa category in this size. It is the only 7-person hot tub with the power of three pumps. This means you can customize the type of hydrotherapeutic massage you want in every seat, and position yourself accordingly. From a neck massage, A ProTherapy™ Seat treatment, foot massage, and even a wrist massage, the day will simply melt away in this top-of-the-line model.Similarly, the J-470™ has smaller dimensions than the J-495, which means it may fit your space more easily while still giving you the generous seating of a 7-person spa. All of the J-400 models now feature the industry’s most technologically advanced “command center”, enabling you to easily control all functions including: stereo, lighting, pumps, temperature, and more.

Both J-400 models and the J-365 7-person model, feature the exclusive CLEARRAY® Water Purification system. This dramatically reduces the need to add chemicals to the water, giving you a more effective system that keeps the water crystal clear longer.So if you are looking for the ultimate entertainment space or non-confining relaxation sanctuary, then a 7-person spa from Jacuzzi might be perfect for you.

To learn about the model selections in every size, download a complimentary brochure. You’ll discover the Jacuzzi difference on every page!

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