Backyard Ideas

Backyard Ideas for Spa Living

Thinking about owning a hot tub? Wish you had the look and feel of an “outdoor playroom” or a private retreat for your existing model?

Start planning for your dream scenario. Whether you’re on a budget and looking for tried-and-true backyard ideas or imagining an elaborately designed setting, the options are endless.

So, what are some of the top things to consider? Here are some practical tips.

What’s the big idea? Privacy. Maybe you want to block the sightlines into your spa or improve the view when you’re seated inside. Garden trellises on one or more sides are one of the proven spa ideas. Green and blossoming in summer, a latticework trellis will still provide some privacy in winter, and protection from sun and wind year ‘round.

Add matching Jacuzzi Exclusives Accessories for a customized setting. Check out the line of for steps, tables and stools, planters and other accessories that help create a personalized environment around the spa.

Hardscaping can have a big impact. Natural stepping-stones leading from the house to your spa create visual appeal and keep you from tracking grass into the unit. Extend a patio out from your hot tub, with room for a barbeque grill and table with chairs Ð you’ll have an outdoor entertainment area. For total customization, surround your model with wood decking for a “sunken” look.

At the end of the day, the best of all the spa ideas is to just relax. Soothing hydrotherapy by Jacuzzi puts you in a positive state of mind as it relieves the tension and pain in your body.

For more backyard ideas for your Jacuzzi, take advantage of our Backyard Designer, it allows you to upload photos of your own space or select imagery from our gallery so you can envision your perfect oasis. Or see what others have done by viewing our Customer Showcase.

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