Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance

One of the most common questions we get here at Jacuzzi is “What does hot tub maintenance entail?” And most people are pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to care for a new hot tub.

From spa water maintenance to cleaning the shell and cover, taking care of a Jacuzzi is simple and easy. You’ll likely spend and money making coffee than you will maintaining a quality hot tub, a few minutes each week is all that is required.

After all, Jacuzzi’s innovative water purification and filtration systems are designed to reduce the amount of chemical sanitizers needed to keep the water clean, save energy, and cut the time you spend on spa water maintenance.

The Jacuzzi CLEARRAY® Water Purification System, a standard feature on many models, makes spa maintenance a breeze. By employing advanced UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, this system ensures crystal clear, fresh water. The CLEARRAY system works without adding gas, chemical or other by-products to the water, and you can reduce the amount of sanitizer chemicals you use in your tub dramatically.

The shell on your new model requires almost no maintenance. The proprietary manufacturing process that makes the shell eight times stronger in a Jacuzzi also creates a surface that resists penetrating dirt and germs. It won’t stain or scratch, either, so there’s really very little maintenance required for the shell.

And when it comes to maintaining your model’s cover, this can be done with a garden hose and a gentle non-foaming cleanser.

Engineering, quality materials and durable construction are key to Jacuzzi’s superior performance. Worry-free hot tub maintenance is just part of the story.

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