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Highest in Customer Satisfaction

In a recent survey of our customers from a highly regarded third party research firm, an amazing 96% of Jacuzzi Customers stated they would buy a Jacuzzi hot tub all over again. In the same survey 49% of customers rated their satisfaction level at a perfect 10 out of 10 with 90% rating their satisfaction at 8 or higher. These are truly remarkable numbers and Jacuzzi is proud to have achieved this level of satisfaction among our customers.

Hot Tub Reviews You Can Use

We know that searching for useful hot tub reviews can be frustrating. What you will often find are recaps of different models or descriptions of the latest models and features. However, valuable information about energy savings, warranties, and videos of real customers talking about their experience are all available right here!

Hot Tub Ratings for Energy Usage

When it comes to energy efficiency, Jacuzzi meets and exceeds the energy requirements for portable tubs put into place by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Awards and recognition

Undeniably, hot tub ratings from professional organizations are a representation of the high quality of our products, which can be though of as positive reviews. Proudly, Jacuzzi has garnered a number of fantastic awards over the decades including two recent ones for design excellence in 2013.


Unlike other manufacturers that typically offer 1-2 year warranties, Jacuzzi is proud to offer an industry leading warranties of up to 10 years. You probably won’t need it, but you can rest easy knowing that your Jacuzzi is sure to provide worry-free enjoyment for years to come.

Reviews from friends and neighbors

It’s often said the best recommendations are made by word of mouth. That’s why hot tub reviews from real customers are helpful when you are shopping.

“We transformed our backyard from a space we rarely used to an oasis where we can escape the world. We now are in the backyard everyday to use the hot tub. We never miss a day and it now feels like we are on a permanent vacation.” – Barry & Patti Wilson


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To find the model that best suits your desires, lifestyle and budget, you can easily begin your research by downloading our complimentary brochure. Our authorized dealers are also a fantastic source of expert information and are trained to guide you through the entire selection process.

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