Portable Hot Tub

The Portable Hot Tub Advantage

A portable hot tub differs from an in-ground* model, although it can be hard to tell the difference especially since many of the portable installations are as unique as those that are custom.

The simplest way to envision the difference between a portable hot tub and a built-in is to compare sitting on a concrete park bench and a zero gravity reclining chair. Not only are you dramatically more comfortable in a portable model hot tub, but the massage experience is also superior in every way. Jets are precision placed to target specific muscle groups where tension builds up, while giving you much better options to control pulsation, direction, and power.

The biggest reason people select built in spas is to have them blend with their landscaping. You can achieve an even more attractive backyard with a portable Jacuzzi spa and some advanced planning.

How to get custom style with a portable model
With some planning, you can create an environment where your tub blends in so naturally, it looks like it’s built in. Here are some tips:
• Sink a portable model hot tub into decking that matches your house or build a multi-level hydrotherapy and barbeque entertainment center.
• Add Jacuzzi accessories, such as planter, steps, table and an umbrella to personalize your experience and make it easily accessible.
• If there is a corner of your yard where you envision a cozy retreat, consider adding an attractive pathway made of stone pavers or brick, from the house to the spa.
• For a patio setting, set up a lattice screen around one side of your model and enjoy a private “room” outdoors.

It’s easy to own a portable spa
• All-in-one product that can be installed in one day
• No additional plumbing or excavation needed
• Most portable units run on 120 volts or 240 volts from power supplied via dedicated circuit
• Take your portable spa with you when you move

The possibilities are endless with Jacuzzi. It really only depends on the space available, your budget, and your imagination.

To find the perfect Jacuzzi for you, begin by downloading a complimentary brochure!

*Jacuzzi manufactures in-ground versions of some models, as well.

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