Portable Hot Tubs

Portable Hot Tubs

Most people start thinking about buying a hot tub after experiencing one while vacationing on a cruise ship, or staying at an upscale resort. The vacation ends, and you come home longing for that same relaxing escape. You soon find that portable hot tubs, instead of concrete built-in tubs, are the better way to go.

The Jacuzzi name naturally comes to mind when you begin your search. But first, what is a portable hot tub?

• Portable spas are all-in-one products that can be delivered and installed in the same day.
• They offer comfortable contoured seating and precision jet placement instead of the concrete benches and sparse jets of built-ins.
• They don’t require additional plumbing or excavation – just a solid, level foundation, power from a dedicated circuit and a garden hose for filling it with water.
• You can take it with you when you move!

Why are Jacuzzi’s portable hot tubs considered to be the best in the world? Only Jacuzzi can deliver the ultimate in hydrotherapy. Patented jets, advanced design and engineering and superior construction combine to create a superior, and versatile, warm-water massage experience.

You’ll love all of the choices of colors and styles available at Jacuzzi. Models go from those in the J-LX™ Collection (contemporary, clean lines) to the classics in the J-300™ and J-200™ Collections, and the signature models in the J-400™ Collection (luxury all the way).

Depending on what you envision for your space, a portable hot tub can look like a built-in spa. To see photos and learn more, download a brochure!

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