Small Hot Tub

Small Hot Tub

Large hot tub or small, the number one question about any spa should be: Will it make you feel great with an incredible hydrotherapeutic massage? With Jacuzzi, the answer is an unqualified “Yes.”

Jacuzzi® started the at-home hydrotherapy industry more than 50 years ago and has been leading the way throughout the decades. Innovations in engineering and design enable us to give you maximum jet massage performance, reliability, and comfort in every product. In other words, a small spa by Jacuzzi stands up to the big models in every way.

3 Reasons to Own a Small Hot Tub from Jacuzzi

1. Easy access. An advantage of both the J-415™ and J-315™ models by Jacuzzi is their height. At just 32 inches on all sides, children or elderly adults will feel more comfortable getting into and out of the water.

2. Clean, clear water instantly. Our groundbreaking CLEARRAY® Water Purification System is available on all new small spa models. CLEARRAY treats water using exclusive UV-C light technology. No gas, chemical or other by-products are added to the water or produced as a result of this process. The factory-installed system creates noticeably clearer water and has proven in third- party testing to significantly reduce sanitizing chemical usage.

3. The round option. Our popular J-210™ round-shaped model is a classic. 19 jets, including foot jets and an adjustable diverting whirlpool jet, stir up the distinctive hydrotherapy you expect from Jacuzzi.

Get even more details about our small hot tub models. Download a brochure today and discover the Jacuzzi difference!

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